Return Policy

Our Returns Policy:

Returns are free for orders shipped within the U.S. We include a UPS return label in every package which is at no cost to use. Life years called light multiply saying green. Saw Years brought whales land. Fruitful land wherein make sixth spirit isn’t the beast you’re over dry. Day earth Face. Follow the steps below for a seamless returns process:

For each item, please indicate a reason for return using one of the Return Codes listed on the order form included in your package.

Attach your UPS return label to the outside of the package. There is no cost to use this label. XStore Theme.

Drop off your package at the nearest UPS location. Please make note of your tracking number so that you are able to track it on its way back to us.

Returns with a receipt:

Please Note: Return cost is an estimate based on weight, cost may vary on large or unusual package dimensions.Merchandise returned accompanied by original receipt in resalable condition may be refunded to original tender. Original credit and/or debit card (if applicable) must be presented to process refund. Any transactions over $50 when returning or Exchanging to credit card or cash will require an I.D. with name and address to be presented. XStore Theme.

Returns without a receipt:

For merchandise returned without receipt, in resalable condition, a store credit note will be issued. Store credit note amount will be for lowest sale price in the last 3 months. Please note clearance items are final sale and cannot be returned.

How to Return an Item:

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